Texas Businesses Are Saving Thousands of Dollars

Many business owners and managers estimate they spend thousands of dollars  per year on the 3% to 4% swipe fees that credit card companies typically charge to cover the cost of processing payments.  That averages $5,000 to $25,000 per year in fees a business may pay to accept credit and debit cards.

Good news for Texas business! Those fees can be avoided thanks to the Durbin Amendment as contained in the Dodd-Frank Act, and to a recent settlement between merchants and credit card giants Visa and MasterCard.   

Just like truck stops offer cash or credit, and the local government charges a 3% convenience fee, those are ways to eliminate and reduce card processing fees.  Using a local service provider that is also certified and works with only the best card processing centers is of paramount importance to your business success.

Whether you are a retail store, auto repair, online business, mobile, or a restaurant, we can show you how to keep your customers happy and pass the fees on.  Each customer pays for the convenience to use a card (and they earn their miles and rewards from their credit card too).

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The processing system must have special software so that the ‘regular price’ must show in the point of sale system or the credit card machine receipt to the customer. Per regulations it cannot be added to the price total by hand and then entered into the POS.  Contact us for more details on how to integrate with your POS or current system.

Want more information on how you can eliminate credit card transaction and processing fees in your business?

Ask us for a free information packet called “Reverse the  Processing Fees”.

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Texas Businesses Are Saving Thousands of Dollars


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