How To Get Next Day Funding Of Credit Card Sales

For many merchants, credit card processing services and next day funding go hand in hand. They depend on receiving their deposits quickly in order to keep their business running smoothly.

With our next day funding service, merchants can get their daily deposit 1-3 days earlier than the standard funding cycle, which provides an important cash flow benefit, especially when it’s time to fund payroll or make inventory purchases for the week.
Next day funding is especially beneficial for merchants with heavy weekend sales volumes, such as fine dining restaurants. Our merchants will receive their deposits for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday merchant account processing activity on Monday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday.

But keep in mind that all next day funding programs are not created equal. While many companies claim to offer next day funding, merchant account providers have different capabilities and requirements. Powered by our proprietary back-end processing platform, our next day funding service gets merchants their money faster thanks to an actual ACH deposit – not a memo post – so funds are truly available when merchants need them most.
Want to learn more about how merchants can get their daily deposit one day earlier?

Author: Ken Givens has been a marketing and security consultant in the Credit Card and Check Merchant Services industry since 1994. He has worked for national companies, as well as owning his own company. He is a member of several trade and business groups and provides learning seminars on security, compliance, fraud, and understanding rates. He can be reached at 512-535-2255 or .



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