Losing Revenue? Plug Your Leaky Bucket!

Has your business got a leaky bucket?

For the first time ever, merchants can track every penny for every revenue opportunity; they can source fraud, and know how to collect any missed revenue; and automate activities with intelligent logic.

The Payment Industry is a branch of the complicated Banking Industry and has certain limitations:

  • Built on Old Cobal Technology
  • Disorganized data, which is difficult to access
  • Portals which are built for Banks and Processors, NOT business owners
  • No Billing Intelligence or Logic
  • Payment Data is not held to a Uniform Standard
  • Does NOT follow GAAP (Accounting) Principles

Decline Management

39% of DECLINES are recoverable. Your Revenue Recovery Opportunity is HUGE!!!


Fulfill SETTLED Transactions vs Authorized Transactions.

Know if Customers have disputed/charged back BEFORE you fulfill.

Revenue Recovery

52% of Fraud Alerts are Errors that can be recognized, increasing sales.

Intelligent Reporting Technologies

 Bringing IRT to your business and finding a top line revenue increase,

 averaging 7.3% with superb merchant account management.

 US Merchant Payment Solutions partners, process credit and debit card transactions, provide automated reconciliation, accounting details, and security based analytics.  IRT has the ability to find and recoup missing revenue, track expense at a transactional level, and automate accounting for card processing following GAAP accounting standards.

Value Overview

Reconcile to the transaction

Reconciling all successful and FAILED transactions from transaction to deposit.

With current payment systems businesses cannot see industry errors and missing revenue without reconciling to each transaction, including declined transactions.  Over one third of the decline codes in the industry today are miscoded because of industry participants not following all Visa/Mastercard standards.  This leaves businesses with limited visibility to the actual cause of a transaction failure.  The results are limited visibility into the path to convert transactions from failed to successful, and adjust payment settings to maximize future success.

This results in losing revenue for businesses.  Pulling thousands of data points per transaction, converting data to Visa/Mastercard standards and implementing GAAP principles, as well as building in thousands of accounting logics; IRT solves these industry mysteries, only accomplished through transactional reconciliation.

Finding and recouping missed revenue

  • How to fix the non-standard and errored transactions like “Do Not Honor”
  • Source and fix fraud alerts that are false
  • Fix errored card brand and network reporting

From the reconciled data, organized and bucketed errors and opportunities, making them easier for correction.  IRT technology makes it easy to work as a team, and optimize revenue capture.

Identify Good / Bad Customers:

  • See complete client sales history
  • Chargeback repeat offender alerts
  • Client profitability

IRT has built in transactional grouping logic that tracks transactions from cards, card families, card users and card user families, helping companies discover and respond to customer abuse.  “Bad” customers who order and then dispute the delivery or the actual product, can be ignored when they attempt to purchase from your business.

Custom Reports

  • Fulfillment report
  • Terminal success
  • And so much more

Reconciled, organized, relational, intelligent, and easily accessible data brings a new scope of payments and customer applications.  We can work with your team to access the data and intelligence desired beyond what is typical. All reports that are easy to pull and understand.

Automated Accounting

  • Cash and Accrual

IRT is the only industry reporting that follows GAAP principles and has accurate accounting to the transaction.  Today’s industry reports are running an error margin of 2%.  Accounting is automated to the ledger, and to the penny, to each transaction, cash or accrual, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, whenever you want it.


  • Track Business Decisions to the Bottom Line

Quick and easy ability to gain details and to track results easily. No waiting 24 to 48 hours for settlement to know the details of your sales and income.

Recoup Revenue and Enjoy Cost Savings:

There are many areas where merchants using IRT can find revenue and can save money.  These tools allow business to understand and manage issues to their benefit, increasing revenue and limiting losses.

Authorized Transactions Declined by Issuer or Networks Currently the industry is averaging about .32% in authorized transactions with deposit errors, losing your business money
Partial Authorizations Many transactions are being partially authorized, and not fully approved prior to shipment or delivery of your product to the card holder, losing revenue without the ability to recoup
Incorrectly Billed Processing Fees 11 card types are very often miscategorized with existing processors and software, creating incorrect and more expensive fees charged to the business
Authorized but Pending Transaction Visibility Fraud Prevention tools send authorized transactions into pending status for settlement and time out, losing the income
Intelligent Billing Automation Know how to push transactions through before you get charged decline fees
Clarity into Card Declines Know what went wrong and how to fix it.  Currently 52% of declines are errors, which once approved become positive sales.
Find Incorrectly Billed Fees AIT will report increasing fees at a transactional level, saving on processing costs
Track Deposits from the Original Transaction Track when you got paid and what it cost per transaction
Live Chargeback Reporting Real time chargeback reporting, along with the details needed to act immediately vs current processor chargeback delays

(many time currently takes weeks)

Identify and Stop Repeat Chargeback Offenders 68% of chargebacks are usually repeat offenders, STOP thieves before they attempt to purchase from your business.


As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” 

Bucket leaking money


 With IRT, we expose the holes in your system, help you understand them, and assist in stopping your profits from leaking out.

Most Processors pull 3 to 5 data files. IRT pulls 850 specific raw data files, and organize them 

into 3800 separate identifiable data columns per Visa transaction logic.

We guarantee to find as much as a 7% or more in savings, just on improved reporting, plus additional payment processing fee reductions, or we will pay you $500 for just giving us the opportunity.

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Losing Revenue? Plug Your Leaky Bucket!


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