Secure Integrated Payment Gateway for ISV’s/Developers

Limit Risk. Save Time. Make money partnering with us!

For ISV’s and POS developers, our Integrated Secure Payments
Gateway is a multi-layered approach to payment processing security
and is designed to provide your business additional protection from
sophisticated hackers who aim to undermine the success of
your business.

Our Gateway provides a single integration access to a wide array of
payment services—including credit and debit card processing, ACH
processing, and gift/loyalty card programs—available from our
ecosystem of world-class payment service providers.

Limit risk. Save time. Make money partnering with us.

We want to present our merchants with the best program possible;
that is why we offer these features that can help increase a merchant’s
bottom line by opening new markets and lowering their liability.
We are actively partnering with ISV and POS developers around the world
to provide secure USA based payment processing, and sharing in our
revenue generated in that partnership.

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Why choose us?

EMV Capable
Protecting businesses against fraud.

A powerful component to securing your business from a data breach and
protecting your customer’s card data against fraud.
 Terminal solutions enable POS systems to accept EMV payments.
 Enables merchants to meet new EMV card acceptance requirements.
 Protects business against fraud liablity

Protect cardholder data at the swipe of a card.

The Decryption Service is a true agnostic service, both at the acquirer and device
 Ideal technology for POS 2.0 developers.
 Reduce scope and risk of unauthorized interception of cardholder data-in-
motion during the transmission from the POS terminal to the payment
 Encrypts all sensitive data at the point of interaction (POI).

Fraud Prevention
Prevent fraud at every transaction before it occurs.

We’ve teamed up with Fraud Prevention Service Providers to offer online value-
added security service.
 Real-time scans and analysis.
 State-of-the-art fraud screening solutions for peace of mind and speed to
 Implementation timelines for Card Not Present app developers.

Protecting cardholder account data onsite.

A best practice security measure that exchanges payment data in return for a
random character string or “token”.
 Reduces the complexity, time, and costs with protecting cardholder data.
 Perform all transaction payment processing services against global tokens.
 Includes authorizations, refunds, recurring billing and wallet use cases.

PCI Certified Vault
Meeting and exceeding PCI Compliance.

Your customers are protected from theft and your PCI footprint is removed.
 Level 1 PCI Compliant environment.
 State-of-the-art data center.
 Card numbers are encrypted through our proprietary technology.

Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI)
Helping to Streamline the Process of Having Multiple Merchant IDs.

With the ATRI capability a merchant can have multiple processing accounts and
still process all of their transactions on the Gateway.
Merchant Benefits:
 Intuitive
 Limits risk
 Saves time and money

Automated Chargeback
Providing an Extra Level of Protection.

Merchants can benefit from the automated chargeback processing we offer at
Velocity. We can help in resolving this issues quickly and efficiently.
Merchant Benefits:
 Eliminates paper by instantly matching the chargeback to the original transaction.
 Automates and simplifies a time-consuming task.
 Reduces risk of costly financial write-offs.

Multiple Currencies
Expanding Business Across the Globe.

Our gateway offers merchants the opportunity to expand into other sectors of the
global marketplace by giving cardholders the ability to shop, view, and pay in the
currency they know best — their own.
Merchant Benefits:
 Funding and reporting in a merchant’s home currency.
 Minimize disputes and chargebacks resulting from price misinterpretation.
 Display pricing in local currencies on the merchant’s website.
 Convert international browsers into customers.

Risk Management
Preventing Risk Before it Happens.

Our risk management technology lowers a merchant’s chargeback ratios, which
will have a positive impact on their bottom line. Our risk reporting can see
patterns as they form and identify any issues before they become chargebacks.
Merchant Benefits:
 Identify real-time risks.
 Mine data on blacklists.
 Proactively refund high-risk transactions to reduce chargebacks.

Interchange Optimization
Let Us Help You Save Money.

We offer it merchants a Real-Time Interchange (RTI) engine that keeps rates down
by filling in missing data elements with optimizing the best interchange. RTI uses
sophisticated real-time logic to scan rates for hundreds of applicable interchange
categories, selecting and applying the lowest possible rate for the transaction.
Merchant Benefits:
 We automatically identify and populates empty data fields with the transaction
BRIC (token) to ensure that the merchant qualifies for a more favorable
interchange rate.
 Any savings are passed directly to the merchant.
 RTI is at work during every transaction to help reduce interchange fees.

Authorization Compression
Discover the Compression Savings Difference.

Compression applies to the scenario where a cardholder is purchasing multiple
items from a merchant (a multi-line purchase), and all items will attempt to settle
on the same day. For such purchases, our technology compresses multiple
capture requests into a single settlement record.
Merchant Benefits:
 Merchants save money by avoiding the flat rate interchange charges associated
with these types of capture requests.
 Simplified settlement records.

Semi Integrated Solutions (SIS)
Simplify EMV Migration and PCI Scope.

 We are at the forefront of helping ISVs and merchants become EMV
compliant by offering fully pre-certified SIS that is cost-effective, flexible
and helps reduce their PCI burden.
 With the SIS approach, messages between the terminal and the merchant’s
POS system are limited to non-sensitive data and prevent card information
from getting into the POS system. Instead, the card data is encrypted and
routed directly from the terminal to the payment processing stack,
completely away from the merchants electronic cash register system and
back-office infrastructure. When you take the POS system out of the PCI
equation, the semi-integrated solution reduces the compliance
requirements and overall costs of adding an EMV-ready solution at a
merchant’s place of business.
 With implementation of SIS, the integration for adding a pre-certified EMV
enabled smart terminal to your POS System can be seamless for ISVs and
merchants using a simple cross platform SDK with support for Windows,
Linux, Android, and iOS.

Streamline the EMV migration process
 Decrease certification bottlenecks by routing sensitive data around the POS
System, eliminating the role and scope of these systems in the EMV
migration process, thus drastically reducing time, cost, and resources.

Enhance Security
 Eliminate card holder data from the POS, keeping secure data out of the
merchant’s environment reduces their vulnerability to hackers, and
protects their customers and brand. SIS additionally helps provide a
seamless path to P2PE and tokenization.

Reduce PCI Burden
 Saving money and time to market by reducing the footprint a merchant has
with regards to cardholder data in their system. SIS directly limits the scope
a merchant has to PCI security standards and increases the chances of
successful audit.

A leader in Payments as a Service, we provide a single integration access to a
wide array of payment services—including credit and debit card processing, ACH
processing, and gift/loyalty card programs—available from our ecosystem of
world-class payment service providers. In our integrated payments division, we
bring reliable credit card processing and merchant services to integrated
customer solutions, continuously developing technologies that simplify payments

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Secure Integrated Payment Gateway for ISV’s/Developers


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