Firearm Sales

Gun Sellers Are Getting Blacklisted


The increasing popularity of mobile and online credit card processing solutions has led many firearms dealers to seek out these services for use at gun shows and in their online gun sales. Unfortunately for these merchants, nearly all of the leading mobile and online merchant account providers—including Square, PayPal, Intuit GoPayment, and First Data—are now refusing to process online and mobile firearms transactions. This has resulted in numerous complaints among firearms dealers who have found sudden holds placed on large payments that were processed through entirely legal means.


We Support the 2nd Amendment


In response to requests for a gun-friendly credit card processor, we allow gun dealers and gun shop owners to accept credit card payments for gun and ammunition sales. We can only process online firearms transactions between Federal Firearm License (FFL) gun vendors; in other words, cannot enable merchants to sell guns directly to consumers over the internet. However,  can supply in-store credit card processing for direct consumer sales.

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