Q: What are ALL those fees on your statement? FAN fee? PCI compliance? Minimums? Statement? Service? Non-Qualified? Mid-Qualified? EIRF?

Answer: Did you know that the processor only has very little control over the fees Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express choose to charge? But we do know how to explain them! The processor you choose should have a high level of technology and security, competitive rates, but mostly superior customer service. We will always be open and fair, when explaining the fees that are mostly pass-thru from the card associations. Call us today, 888-995-3995 or email FreeConsultation@USMSTexas.com . If you want a statement and cost review to see where you may be overcharged each month, securely fax 2 months credit card processing statements to 512-287-4937 or securely email.


Q:Why don’t you have a personal representative working with you? Are you treated like a number?

Answer: We assign you a representative who will always be there to help you with rates, PCI compliance, biling, questions, any fees, fighting chargeback’s, hardware or equipment needs, and any other issues you have.. Or just call us to find out what’s new! Dial 888-995-3995 or send a electronic mail to FreeConsultation@USMSTexas.com


Q: Your last ‘sales rep’ said they were “direct” from Visa with the ‘lowest rates’? Were they? How do you know?

Answer: Very few companies are actually ‘direct’ but even if they are, they have the same costs as the other processing companies. Pricing is important and we can certainly address your pricing with a short phone call. Why trust 70% of your sales to a ‘1-800-I-Don’t-Care’ number in another country? Call us and lets see what we can do to help you, 888-995-3995 or FreeConsultation@USMSTexas.com


Q: Did the local warehouse club you signed up with for credit cards offer you a guaranteed rate?

Answer: Wholesale clubs sell ketchup by the gallon, not quality and reliable merchant payment services! Let us review your current program and costs, since every year rates do change. Get your free rate review at 888-995-3995 or securely fax us your last 2 months credit card processing statements to 512-287-4937 or securely email to FreeConsultation@USMSTexas.com


Q: Tired of leasing equipment? For ‘years & years & years’….? Renting forever?

Answer: We provide free placement equipment, we own it and we service it. If you have any problems, call us and we will replace or repair within 24 hours. NO extra cost… its our way of winning your business, and then keeping it with superior customer and technical service. Ask us what we can do to help your company profit, 888-995-3995 or FreeConsultation@USMSTexas.com


Q: What? We offer Local Support….  Awesome!

Answer: 10 minutes and still holding on the phone with customer service?  Next time call a ‘local’ number, Call Us!


Q: They said they were “direct” from Visa with the ‘lowest rates’? And were they?  How do you know?

Answer: Why trust 70% of your sales to a ‘1-800-I-Don’t-Care’ number in another state or country? We are local! Wholesale clubs sell ketchup by the gallon, not quality, reliable merchant payment services!


Q:Secure? 85% of all businesses are hacked, some know it, some don’t know it! Are you preventing hackers in your systems?

Answer: Stop hackers from stealing your customers information and costing you $1,000’s in fines and fees. PCI Compliance is not an option, it is a requirement. We will walk you thru the process and make sure you are secure. Lets visit at 888-995-3995 or email your questions to FreeConsultation@USMSTexas.com