eProcessingNetwork’s Secure Transaction Processing Services

The following content describes the services of the E Processing Network that we use exclusively and is reprinted from the E Processing Network website found at: https://www.eprocessingnetwork.com/Services.html

Cloud Enabled Solutions for Retail Inventory Management Mobile Recurring Charges Online Bill Pay Customer Data Management QuickBooks®Retail

eProcessing Network is helping small to mid-sized merchants realize unlimited business opportunities and profits with the continued expansion of eCommerce and the Mobile marketplace. The ePNSecure Payment Gateway enables merchants to securely process real-time credit card, debit card, check and gift/loyalty transactions from their website, store-front, or mobile device.

With the simplicity of one gateway account, merchants can streamline their business processes, collection of fees, billing and reporting functions, and accounting management through the ePN centralized Merchant Support Center. eProcessing Network offers a multitude of reliable and secure solutions and services to help merchants run their business more efficiently, allowing them to step out of the office and in front of the customer.


Our Java -Point-Of-Sale (POS), software for Windows® based PCs and laptops, which interacts with our cloud-based gateway, enables merchants to securely process credit, PIN Debit, signature capture, check, Inventory, Android Pay, Apple Pay and NFC transactions. With our simple user-interface and robust features, merchants can start accepting electronic payments faster and easier.

  • Sync transactions to QuickBooks®.
  • Detailed and consolidated transaction batch reporting.
  • Inventory management options.
  • Multiple terminals and clerk management.
  • Use existing computers, printers and internet access to process secure payments.
  • Supports card and check readers, cash drawers, scanners, and PIN pad/signature capture devices.


ePN offers a complete suite of mobile products and services for the on-the-go merchant, enabling them to succeed in today’s competitive market. A simple download from the app store and you can securely process any form of electronic payment from virtually anywhere on your smart phone or tablet.

  • Using the ePNMobile Pro Encrypted Reader you can qualify for swiped rates.
  • Sensitive card data is never stored on the device, which maximizes security.
  • Multiple devices can be consolidated in a single account.
  • Download transactions with ePNSync.
  • Inventory sales and signature capture from mobile devices.
  • Supports encrypted card readers, cash drawers, external receipt printers, and barcode scanning.

Devices Compatible with ePN Readers


The eProcessing Network Payment Gateway is the secure connection between your Website and the payment processing networks. ePN offers two simple solutions for merchants who desire to attract online customers but, don’t have the time or technical resources to build their own eCommerce solution.

ePNWOFG – An easy-to-use, PCI compliant Web Order Form Generator that’s used to create HTML code for web pages. It is a simple, template-driven design engine that could be customized to be used as follows:

  • Online Bill Payment.
  • Donation Solicitations.
  • Membership Renewals.
  • Fund Raising Events.
  • Recurring, Installment Billings.
  • Single page eCommerce shopping cart.

Cart – This simple solution allows a merchant to ‘payment enable’ their existing static website, by creating customized ‘buy’ buttons. These buttons contain product specific pricing, which allow the customer to make purchases from the site and generate eCommerce revenue for the merchant. All payment transactions are processed using the ePN PCI compliant servers.

  • SSL Encryption for secure processing
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Real-time approval or decline
  • Integration with our live shipping calculator


Allows a business to generate and distribute invoices via email, greatly reducing the cost associated with preparing and mailing paper invoices, as well as, the cost of processing paper check payments. The invoices are easy to read, and contain the company’s logo. The customer can then conveniently and securely pay the invoice using the ePN secure payment page, without even having to lick a postage stamp!

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Reduces cost


Our integrated inventory management solution enables merchants to manage their inventory levels with automated alerts and product level sales tracking. Cost-effective and reliable, ePNInventory is the ideal solution for merchants who need an automated inventory management system but, don’t have the funds or technical resources to build their own. Easy-to-learn and implement, ePNInventory allows merchants to focus on driving the success of their business, instead of creating software to manage it.

  • Since it is cloud-based, no downloadable software is required.
  • Process inventory sales through the Online Terminal, ePNJPOS and ePNMobile.
  • Inventory levels are automatically adjusted real-time, providing a constant up-to-date tracking of product levels.
  • Real-time reporting accurately tracks sales and seasonal trends, virtually eliminating out-of-stock situations.
  • Our secure servers ensure that the product database will not be compromised.


Our Customer Data Manager allows you to connect and manage your customers more effectively and easily. ePNCDM utilizes our secure and centralized database portal, ensuring the security and accessibility of your customer information. The ePNSecure cloud-based environment allows you to:

  • Store/update customer preferred payment methods.
  • Store/update customer bill to/ship to methods.
  • Charge customers for one-time and repeat purchases.
  • View customer transaction history.
  • Import and export customer data.
  • Analyze and sort customer data.


Our optional recurring transaction processing service allows merchants to easily sell merchandise in installment payments, or offer products and services to their clientele on a subscription or membership basis. ePNRecur makes it easy to create recurring transactions. You may:

  • Create a recurring sale from an existing transaction in the merchant account history.
  • Set the Amount of the recurring transaction to be different than the original sale amount.
  • Customize the interval at which transactions should recur, such as: weekly, monthly, 60, 90 days, etc.
  • Set a specific number of times you want a recur to charge, or just set as indefinite.

Solutions for Level III – Enhanced Data Processing

Merchants with corporate and government clients know the average transaction can be very high, which can result in very costly payment processing expenses. Oftentimes though, a corporate or government client will require the merchant to accept these cards.

For these merchants, we have great news! ePN supports Merchant Level III transactions through multiple processing platforms. ePN brings Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions to merchants, while minimizing the cost of accepting purchase cards.

  • By passing detailed transaction information, merchants may qualify for Level III – Enhanced Data Processing categories, which are lower in cost.
  • Level III Enhanced Processing works seamlessly with ePNInventory, Online Terminal and ePNBillPay.
  • Merchants can attract new business partners and build their client base by fostering relationships with large corporations and government agencies.

Solutions for QuickBooks®

Looking for a simple and quick way to automate your back-office processes and manage your account data? eProcessing Network offers two different solutions to help you succeed.

ePNSync A convenient tool that automatically and transparently synchronizes the merchant’s transaction data from ePN servers and into QuickBooks®. These transactions include: Point of Sale, eCommerce, Mobile, Recurring, and Bill Pay.

  • Sync transactions to QuickBooks®
  • Detailed transaction and batch reporting
  • Hands off, scheduled synchronization

PlugIn – A robust plug-in that allows merchants real-time processing of credit, debit and check transactions directly within QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise. It also allows for downloading transaction data from the ePNSecure servers.

  • Eliminates manual-entry
  • Option for online bill payment
  • Real-time approval or decline
  • Processes multiple payment types
  • Download transactions from ePN Servers

Solutions Master Accounts

A management tool designed for businesses with multiple locations that have a need for their central or corporate location to view transaction activity for all locations within its organizational hierarchy.

  • Master Reporting accounts give the central or corporate location access to activity reports for all sub-accounts associated with it.
  • Master Processing accounts give the central or corporate location the ability to view transaction activity, as well as process transactions on behalf of all associated sub-accounts.
  • One company login, regardless of the number of sub-accounts.

Solutions Fraud Protection Tools and Processing Controls

Fraud Protection is an integral and built-in piece of the ePN secure product offering. We believe it to be so essential, that it’s included with every type of merchant gateway account our company offers, because you cannot put a price on peace of mind.

  • AVS, or Address Verification System verifies whether the Street address and Zip code entered by your customer is the same as what the cardholder’s issuing bank has on file.
  • CVV2/Card Verification Code lets a merchant verify that the cardholder does in fact have the card in his or her possession.
  • Block Specific Integrations – allows merchants to specify which integration types to allow (i.e. Web Order Forms, TDBE/API, Shopping Carts, etc.).
  • Disable Refunds – allows merchants to specifically decline any refunds coming from an API.
  • Block specific IP Addresses – merchants can restrict all access to the TDBE/API or Authorize.Net integration.
  • Velocity Controls – allows merchants to specify the maximum number of approved or declined transactions per IP address within a specified time period (i.e. minutes). This feature deters hackers and fraudsters from using your website to test a list of stolen or fraudulent credit card numbers.
  • Customized Control – allows merchants to determine if a transaction should be handled as a ‘Sale’, ‘Auth Only’ or ‘Auth Convert’.
  • Convert transactions – allow transactions to convert automatically to ‘Sale’ (or leave as ‘Outstanding’) depending on (18) different AVS and (6) CVV2 criteria.