Counterfeit Money in Central Texas & Avoid Pushy Telesales

If you get a phone call that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Local, reliable and trustworthy service for your payment processing is important. There is a wave of telemarketing scams in the Austin/Central Texas area trying to pressure business owners into appointments and services. They claim to have better rates than any others, but they will lock you into long term contracts with high fees to cancel, not disclose to you all their fees or give you incomplete information.

The first rule of telemarketing safety is to ignore pleas and pitches of anyone who calls you uninvited; also scammers often try to create a false deadline, if you feel pressured to make a decision, hang up. No one should be bullied into a decision of who to trust with their business.

Always remember, we have a Match The Rate Guarantee, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best cost and always of course the best and local service.

Police and United States Secret Service are warning local residents about counterfeit bills circulating in Central Texas

Investigators say there have been numerous counterfeit bills being passed around area stores. Since April 25, police have investigated 15 reported cases of counterfeit bills, including $100 bills.

In January we conducted “Recognizing Counterfeits in Your Business” at the Waco Chamber of Commerce along with Waco P.D. and the Better Business Bureau. A tool we displayed was the Fraud Fighter line of ultraviolet counterfeit bill, credit card, driver’s license, money order and passport detectors. Click here to see it in use!

With over 23 years helping businesses, Ken Givens can provide a FREE No Risk Consultation on keeping your business secure and avoid counterfeits, hackers, and identity thieves.
Here are the latest news:
Waco Tribune – Authorities warn about counterfeit money circulating in area.
KCEN TV – Rise in counterfeit money circulation.
KXXV – Police Department see growing counterfeit trend in area.
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Counterfeit Money in Central Texas & Avoid Pushy Telesales


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