Capitol Credit Union Affiliation

Hello to our fantastic CCU business members,

Capitol Credit Union is always striving to provide our members with the best  class of services for their businesses.

We are proud to announce our affiliation with Austin-based U.S. Merchant Payment Solutions LLC, a 23 year old Merchant Payment Services company with over 50 years of combined experience in the Visa-MasterCard-Discover-American Express Payment Acceptance Industry.

I have known Ken Givens, the founder and President of U.S. Merchant Payment Solutions for  over 15 years.  I am confident in his commitment to customer support and getting you, our business member, the best possible payment solutions at the most competitive cost.   Whether you accept cards today and are tired of paying the fees, or are starting a new venture… we have your back!

Please feel free to contact Ken or his staff directly at 512-535-2255 or email

I believe you will be very glad you did!

Pierre Cardenas, CEO


  1. Guaranteed “Beat Any Existing Rate “ program – or pay you $500 for letting us try
  2. Free Equipment – accept payments in retail, restaurant, online, salon, or mobile business
  3. Local service and support – no more “1-800 –Don’t-Care” numbers, just call  512 area code
  4. Partnered with 35+ Point Of Sale systems –better pricing than you can going direct
  5. Highest Levels of PCI Payment Security – keeping you and your customers safe is our business
  6. Gift & Reward Card programs – build customer loyalty and higher retained profits
  7. Electronic Check Deposit / Recurring Auto- Drafting –  perfect for donations and subscriptions
  8. Consumer and Patient Finance programs – give customers time to pay, but you get paid today
  9. ApplePay, Google Wallet, EMV, NFC, PayPal card acceptance- newest technology
  10. Smartphone/Tablet Payments – Pay Anywhere at any time, meeting your customers needs


*** Bonus:  Now any business can eliminate practically all of the credit card and debit card processing fees – saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, allowing the customer to happily pay the processing fees with no complaints.  *** /

512-535-2255 / 888-995-3995


Capitol Credit Union Affiliation


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